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Top new questions this week:

Is there a coup going on in Bolivia?

Recently Bolivia held presidential elections which were highly questioned in terms of legitimacy and led to massive protests in the country accusing the government of fraud. This situation, and the ...

election protests coup south-america bolivia  
asked by Max Rasguido 44 votes
answered by o.m. 39 votes

Why does Rome municipality seem to have a hard time maintaining the city?

I have recently visited Rome for about a week and the city looks as if the municipality has serious issues maintaining the city. Many monuments are well maintained, the public transportation is quite ...

economy italy rome  
asked by Alexei 35 votes
answered by Denis de Bernardy 47 votes

Why does the media continue to hide the identity of the Trump-Ukraine whistle blower when they have already been outed?

Setting aside usually polarised US politics, the situation (at least for an outsider like me) looks quite bizarre. The identity of the whistle blower has been common knowledge among anyone who ...

united-states media social-media trump-impeachment whistleblowers  
asked by Shadow1024 33 votes
answered by JJ for Transparency and Monica 75 votes

Isn't any conversation with the US president quid-pro-quo?

One of the big deals right now is the question of whether there was quid-pro-quo in the July 25 phone call between president Trump and Zelinsky. Isn't every conversation with the US president a ...

united-states president trump-impeachment  
asked by Burt 31 votes
answered by JJ for Transparency and Monica 59 votes

Does the German President's apology for WWII reflect the prevailing views of the people of Germany?

A recent CNN article says: Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has asked for Poland's forgiveness 80 years after the start of World War II. "I stand before you, those who have survived, ...

war germany world-war-ii  
asked by Mitsuko 30 votes
answered by Arno 73 votes

Why has no one requested the tape of the Trump/Ukraine call?

Given that the transcript released is not word for word and that it contains a disclaimer explaining it's not a 'verbatim transcript', why has no one, whether Democrats seeking to impeach, or ...

united-states donald-trump ukraine trump-impeachment  
asked by Mawg 28 votes
answered by Carduus 37 votes

Why was ambassador Sondland involved in Ukraine?

Ambassador Sondland is ambassador to the EU. So why was he involved in Ukraine, a country that is not even in the EU? I understand that Ukraine is considering joining the EU but why was he so heavily ...

united-states european-union ukraine trump-impeachment  
asked by NilsonMandela 22 votes
answered by JJ for Transparency and Monica 20 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is globalisation so disdained?

From what I can tell via the definition of the word on Google, globalisation seems like a fairly reasonable course of action. Trade makes everyone better off in the long run, and it isn't as if we ...

economy globalization  
asked by Onyz 93 votes
answered by Philipp 191 votes

If "more guns less crime", how do gun advocates explain that the EU has less crime than the US?

As a naive European, I thought that the self-defense argument for guns in the US was mostly based on the high number of guns already in the country. In other words, I thought that the argument takes ...

united-states european-union guns crime  
asked by Erwan 77 votes
answered by Garret Gang 22 votes

What are the differences between a PAC/SuperPAC and a political party?

My understanding is that both PACs/SuperPACs and parties are organizations that raise and spend money for/against particular candidates/issues. Aside from PACs/SuperPACs not being allowed to ...

united-states parties  
asked by yoozer8 5 votes

What caused the tendency for conservatives to not support climate change regulations?

In the United States, conservatives tend to be against climate change regulations more frequently than the rest of the population. Conservatives in the U.S. tend to hold traditional and Christian ...

united-states conservatism climate-change global-warming  
asked by PyRulez 59 votes
answered by gerrit 78 votes

Must all democratic countries have a constitution?

It seems to me that all democratic countries, e.g. republics and representative monarchies, also have a constitution of sorts. On the other hand, what defines a democratic country is the "power to ...

democracy constitution law history  
asked by Sklivvz 16 votes
answered by user4012 18 votes

Why is populism seen as being negative or bad?

The definition that I found for populism is "support for the concerns of ordinary people". Democracy is form of government where the people rule by majority. If Democracy is considered to be "good", ...

asked by ryan G 118 votes
answered by Rain Willow 153 votes

Is President Trump right that there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville?

Today, President Trump claimed that there was violence on "both sides," and that alt-left and alt-right both shared blame in the incidents at Charlottesville, Virginia. Is this factually accurate? I'm ...

united-states donald-trump protests  
asked by tpm900 89 votes
answered by Drunk Cynic 163 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is Mexico winning its war on drug cartels? (2019)

In 2006, Mexico's president Felipe Calderon declared a war on drugs. This was in response to the growing power of Mexico's cartels, who had acquired vast wealth from the proceeds of drug trafficking. ...

drugs mexico  
asked by inappropriateCode 2 votes

Are there any statistics on union endorsements for presidential candidates?

LA Times mentioned a few, seemingly mostly for Sanders by the big-membership numbers On Thursday, United Teachers Los Angeles, the second-largest teacher’s union in the U.S., with roughly 34,000 ...

united-states primaries democratic-party labor-union endorsement  
asked by Fizz 2 votes

How long can a President's rule be imposed in Maharastra

Since the parties could not form a coalition government, Governor has imposed a President's rule for next six months. What happens after six months? As per the numbers it is impossible for the ...

india maharashtra  
asked by Up-In-Air 2 votes
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