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Top new questions this week:

What does the West have to gain by not allowing Russia to pay its debt? Bloomberg reports that the default is largely symbolic and Russia is simply defaulting since Western financial institutions won't accept Russia payments. Is ...

russian-federation international finance  
user avatar asked by Sayaman Score of 33
user avatar answered by Timur Shtatland Score of 45

What did Putin do to ensure that he doesn't get overthrown by a military coup or to reduce the likelihood of it?

What did Putin do to ensure that he doesn't get overthrown by a military coup or to reduce the likelihood of it?

russian-federation geopolitics vladimir-putin dictatorship coup  
user avatar asked by Sayaman Score of 25
user avatar answered by alamar Score of 11

Is there any sign "the West" is deliberately trying to prolong fighting in Ukraine for the sake of fighting?

In a recent answer, user kandi made this statement: the war probably could have been ended by now if the West wasn't passionatly supporting the bloodshed by provided just as much arms as to keep ...

russian-federation armed-conflict ukraine western-world  
user avatar asked by O. R. Mapper Score of 22
user avatar answered by Trilarion Score of 31

Why don't politicians appoint young and healthy ideological fresh graduates as Supreme Court justices?

Supreme Court justices are often chosen not solely based on their professional skills and reputation, but also based on their political orientation in order to advance certain ideology. One example is ...

united-states law supreme-court political-appointments  
user avatar asked by kandi Score of 19
user avatar answered by Fizz Score of 16

Can a US state opt to become a territory without leaving the nation as a whole?

This relates to an item legislated by the Texas republican party recently. Overlooking the more regressive and dangerous items, and the frivolous and inconsequential items, they are also throwing the ...

united-states secession territory statehood texas  
user avatar asked by Michael Macha Score of 10
user avatar answered by T.E.D. Score of 14

Why hadn't the west arrested Russian billionaires for corruption/money laundering prior to the Ukraine war?

According to US law they can arrest people for money laundering even if the money was laundered outside of the US. Here's Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's old statement: The West plays ...

corruption western-world  
user avatar asked by MoroccoPrincess Score of 10
user avatar answered by Arcanist Lupus Score of 33

In layperson's terms: Supreme Court to Hear Case on State Legislatures’ Power Over Elections?

In easy-to-understand terms, how would this ruling affect the different States? Supreme Court to Hear Case on State Legislatures’ Power Over Elections From what I see, in North Carolina the Senate and ...

united-states supreme-court voting-districts state-legislatures  
user avatar asked by fdkgfosfskjdlsjdlkfsf Score of 8
user avatar answered by ohwilleke Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the biggest monarchy where the monarch has real power in modern day?

The best known monarchy is no doubt the various Commonwealth realms ruled over by Queen Elizabeth. However, she is generally seen as mostly a figurehead, with elected officials being the ones that do ...

government monarchy constitutional-monarchy  
user avatar asked by dsollen Score of 28
user avatar answered by ohwilleke Score of 73

What is this line of counties voting for the Democratic party in the 2016 elections?

Here is a preliminary image from The Guardian showing the individual counties during the 2016 election in the United States: There appears to be a line of counties in blue, curving from Maine in the ...

united-states election demographics  
user avatar asked by isanae Score of 64
user avatar answered by isanae Score of 46

How often a post WWII US president said publicly that the leader of another country must go? (e.g. "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power")

US President Biden concluded his March 27, 2022 speech in Poland with the words For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power. (e.g. CBS News's video Biden says Putin "cannot remain in power&...

united-states president international-relations history regime-change  
user avatar asked by uhoh Score of 37
user avatar answered by convert Score of 61

Why doesn’t the IRS just send me a bill for the taxes I owe based on the info they already have?

So it's time to file taxes in the United States and it occurred to me that I am required to provide a lot of information that the government already knows. For instance, I have to provide the contents ...

united-states taxes  
user avatar asked by Thunderforge Score of 216
user avatar answered by AquaticFire Score of 220

Why does the US treat the problems of Russia and Ukraine as its own?

In this question, I do not raise questions about the conflicts themselves. The question is different - how is the fact that the United States recognizes these problems as its own justified from a ...

united-states russian-federation ukraine foreign-policy national-security  
user avatar asked by RoyalGoose Score of 37
user avatar answered by David Hammen Score of 110

Why do European cities have so many homeless and beggars despite its high-tax welfare system?

Any European cities I have ever visited had homeless or beggars on the street. Or these people may not necessarily be homeless but it is clear enough that they are extremely poor and need help from ...

europe social-welfare  
user avatar asked by Blaszard Score of 124
user avatar answered by Philipp Score of 246

Which US states give proportional Presidential electoral college votes to candidates?

The US Presidential election uses an "electoral college" system, where each state gets a certain number of "electors" (votes), and those electors cast the official votes for President. Each state's ...

united-states voting voting-systems electoral-college  
user avatar asked by user1873 Score of 23
user avatar answered by Affable Geek Score of 25

Can you answer these questions?

Has Russia detailed what violations of law it accuses Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to have committed?

According to an Amnesty press release from April: On 8 April, the Russian Ministry of Justice delisted Amnesty International’s Moscow Office from the register of the representative offices of the ...

russian-federation ngos  
user avatar asked by Fizz Score of 2

Is there a centralized archive of ballot design samples from around the world?

I'm kind of an election nerd looking for a place to view different ballot designs from around the world. For instance, I'm happy to have found this video from International IDEA analysing ballot ...

election ballot  
user avatar asked by QuantumWalnut Score of 4

Does the US public find credible excuses by some Senators that Justices who overturned Roe had misled them in Senate hearings?

Two or even three US Senators have said that [future] justices that ultimately overturned Roe had essentially lied to them, or at least seriously misled them in the Senate hearings on their ...

united-states senate supreme-court public-opinion nomination  
user avatar asked by Fizz Score of 4
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