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Top new questions this week:

What, if any, are the benefits of tying health insurance to employment (as in the US) over other systems?

Over the last 2 weeks, over 10 million US workers lost their jobs. For many of them the loss of their job means the loss of their health insurance as well. More than 3 million Americans just lost ...

united-states health-insurance  
asked by Manziel 55 votes
answered by Ted Wrigley 88 votes

In most U.S. states, female genital mutilation is illegal. So why is male circumcision legal?

Hello new users from around the Stack Exchange Network We are aware that this question is about a very emotionally laden topic. So we would like to make sure you are aware of the purpose of ...

united-states us-state-laws human-rights comparative-politics male-circumcision  
asked by gen-z ready to perish 51 votes
answered by Ted Wrigley 96 votes

Why do governments downplay or cover-up pandemics in their early stages?

CONTEXT While no government wants there to be a pandemic, and would certainly prefer (hopes) for it to just go away, it can only downplay it for a short time before it overwhelms the population and ...

covid-19-virus public-health  
asked by gatorback 36 votes
answered by Erwan 44 votes

Why is the lack of seasonal agricultural workers considered a problem given the high unemployment rate in every Western country?

Currently farmers in Western countries are warning governments that without foreign workers their fields will be impossible to harvest: “We are in need of a lot of foreign workers,” Eystein Ruud, ...

economy covid-19-virus employment agriculture  
asked by JonathanReez 30 votes
answered by CDJB 43 votes

Why don't right-wing dictators crown themselves king?

So, something that seems odd to me is that while there are a number of dictatorships around the world, very few of them have the dictator deciding to crown themselves as a monarch, despite the veneer ...

monarchy dictatorship  
asked by nick012000 23 votes
answered by Philipp 58 votes

Does the signing statement made by President Trump nullify the oversight provisions of the CARES Act?

On March 27th, President Trump signed the COVID-19 stimulus bill, the CARES Act, into law. This came after days of debate, where Democratic lawmakers insisted on the inclusion of oversight measures ...

united-states president law covid-19-virus  
asked by CDJB 19 votes
answered by Machavity 32 votes

Why was there such a significant increase in firearms background checks in March 2020?

According to statistics published by the FBI, March 2020 saw the highest ever number of NICS firearms background checks performed, at 3,740,688, an increase of 33% from February. The FBI itself notes ...

united-states guns fbi  
asked by CDJB 12 votes
answered by Machavity 42 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does Israel build settlements in Palestine?

I understand that one of the major issues between Israel and Palestine are Israeli settlements in Palestinian land. Israel keeps building these settlements, despite what I understand to be the ...

israel palestine  
asked by Stephen Collings 58 votes
answered by Avi 64 votes

Can an impeached President run for a second term?

Suppose Congress successfully impeaches and removes a sitting President of the USA. Can this person still run for a second term? Assuming the usual rules about term limits are observed, of course.

united-states presidential-election impeachment  
asked by Sjoerd 46 votes
answered by BradC 65 votes

What is this line of counties voting for the Democratic party in the 2016 elections?

Here is a preliminary image from The Guardian showing the individual counties during the 2016 election in the United States: There appears to be a line of counties in blue, curving from Maine in ...

united-states election demographics  
asked by isanae 63 votes
answered by isanae 44 votes

What threat, if any, does Iran really pose to the US?

The US army absolutely dwarfs the Iranian army in terms of military might. Realistically, Iran cannot attack mainland US, whereas the US could nuke Iran into oblivion at a moment's notice. They ...

united-states military iran  
asked by SeanJ 42 votes
answered by Machavity 61 votes

Why has Speaker Pelosi been so hesitant to impeach President Trump?

I am curious as to why Nancy Pelosi (until 9/24/2019 17:00 EDT) seemed to be so reluctant to push for Donald Trump's impeachment. It seems that the Democratic Party is becoming increasingly outraged ...

united-states donald-trump democratic-party impeachment  
asked by Time4Tea 47 votes
answered by Rick Smith 52 votes

How can I respond to Whataboutism?

While this uses examples that could be seen as supporting one side or the other, it is intended as a politically neutral question, to the extent that that is possible This has come up more and more ...

election debate  
asked by penalosa 85 votes
answered by user4012 143 votes

How do totalitarian governments communicate fear while also sending the message that they are the best governments?

How could these regimes send both a message of terror, and, one of "we are the best government on Earth"? A totalitarians regime like USSR or Nazi Germany would push hard for not letting criticism ...

propaganda totalitarianism  
asked by Quora Feans 33 votes
answered by o.m. 90 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How did ending collective bargaining affect health plan costs in Wisconsin after Act 10?

I don't understand the relationship between Wisconsin's Act 10's collective bargaining and health plan costs. In his book, "Unintimidated", former Governor Scott Walker claims several times that this ...

labor health-insurance labor-union wisconsin  
asked by Tyler Durden 5 votes
answered by Machavity 0 votes

Have non-health government officials in Western countries (besides the US) publicly pushed for specific medications for Covid-19 contra PH officials?

There has been some level disagreement publicly aired in the US between Trump/Navarro and Fauci on the use of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19. The president and his allies, however, have ...

government covid-19-virus comparative-politics western-world public-health  
asked by Fizz 1 vote

Is there any G7 cooperative response for COVID-19?

G7 is a community of the largest economies in the world, according to Wikipedia. Recently, there was a foreign ministers meeting, and then a rather abstract statement after. I expected some ...

covid-19-virus western-world planning  
asked by user2501323 1 vote
answered by CDJB 0 votes
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