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Top new questions this week:

Why first world countries have astonishing amount of foreign debts, but third world countries don't?

USA, for example, having a total foreign debt of over 23 trillion dollars (according to the statistics provided in 2019), is still on the frontline of those countries which are considered to be ...

economy debt  
asked by Rameez Ul Haq 32 votes
answered by Obie 2.0 45 votes

Why doesn't the US Census consider Hispanic a race?

Since the 1970 Census the US Census has tracked Hispanic population under a separate question titled "Hispanic origin", saying "Hispanics may be of any race". This doesn't make ...

united-states demographics census  
asked by Number File 16 votes
answered by James K 33 votes

US Constitution amendment restriction on Senate - is there a way around it?

According to Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution (emphasis added): The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the ...

united-states constitution senate amendment  
asked by jcgoble3 12 votes
answered by ohwilleke 14 votes

Does reservation based affirmative action really help in reducing inequality?

In India for example, caste and economic based affirmative action is used in political seats, education etc. My question is, have these methods of affirmative action in general (independent of India) ...

india reference-request inequality affirmative-action  
asked by Buraian 9 votes
answered by Ted Wrigley 3 votes

Proportion of Rhode Island's Part-Time Legislature That are Lawyers

I would like to know (approximately): The percentage of the current Rhode Island General Assembly that are lawyers. Historically, the percentage that were lawyers in prior RI assemblies. Note: I ...

united-states reference-request state-legislatures rhode-island  
asked by mlchristians 6 votes
answered by Rick Smith 6 votes

"I'd shut it down now"; Mitt Romney's articulated justification and proposed means for shutting down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

On NBC News' Full Romney Interview: 'The President Needs To Stop And Reset' at about 01:57: US Senator Mitt Romney says that he'd shut down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline now: Q: ...So, what is it that ...

united-states russian-federation foreign-policy energy-policy mitt-romney  
asked by uhoh 3 votes
answered by JJJ 7 votes

Would the US postal service be open on election day were election day made a legal public holiday?

The For the People Act is a voting rights bill currently under debate in the U.S. Senate. Two of its provisions include expanding voting by mail, and making election day a national holiday. These ...

united-states vote-by-mail specific-legislation postal-service  
asked by DrSheldon 3 votes
answered by James K 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What specifically did Michael Flynn do wrong?

These are the three things which I understand about the situation: He potentially discussed sanctions with a Russian ambassador He misrepresented or lied about his conversations with the Russian ...

united-states law russian-federation international-relations diplomacy  
asked by arbitrarystringofletters 77 votes
answered by Panda 53 votes

Are there any major left-wing conspiracy theories in the USA?

Related: Why does it seem like US conspiracy theorists are overwhelmingly Republican-oriented? The question above explores potential reasons why belief in conspiracy theories is more common among the ...

united-states ideology democratic-party conspiracy-theories  
asked by Robert Columbia 68 votes
answered by Thorondor 116 votes

What reasons are there for a Capitalist to oppose a 100% inheritance tax?

As I understand it, most capitalists would argue that the reason the rich deserve their wealth is that they have worked for it, and the fact that they have managed to gain such wealth shows that they ...

taxes capitalism liberalism  
asked by CoedRhyfelwr 67 votes
answered by rinspy 136 votes

What is the difference between parliamentary and presidential governments?

What are the main differences between the parliamentary system of government versus the presidential system? For example, Germany's parliamentary system versus Mexico's presidential system. I'm ...

democracy president parliament  
asked by Alberto Bonsanto 31 votes
answered by PearsonArtPhoto 31 votes

Why was Australia willing to pay $3.0 B/unit for the French diesel-electric submarines?

Note: All dollar values are USD. One of the great advantages of diesel-electric attack submarines over nuclear-powered versions is that the former typically cost far less, so countries can purchase ...

military budget australia weapons  
asked by theorist 28 votes
answered by Fizz 28 votes

Do any other countries aside from the US have a pledge of allegiance?

As far as I understand it, the pledge of allegiance is an oath or expression of allegiance to the United States, and is made by students in many (most?) schools throughout the USA, as well as at the ...

asked by CDJB 32 votes
answered by bishop 32 votes

What are the differences among ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

Seeing as how Afghanistan is being taken over by the Taliban and remembering how easy it was for ISIS to just roll over the Iraqi Army, plus the role of Al-Qaeda in starting these two wars, it got me ...

terrorism iraq islamic-state afghanistan taliban  
asked by JMERICKS 40 votes
answered by Italian Philosophers 4 Monica 34 votes

Can you answer this question?

Is Berlusconi being used as a scarecrow to make other presidential candidates more acceptable in Italy?

If you type in a search engine "Berlusconi presidential candidate" or "Draghi presidential candidate" you will find a lot of references to the upcoming presidential elections in ...

presidential-election italy  
asked by FluidCode 2 votes
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