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Top new questions this week:

What is meant by "the Russian Government Resigned"?

There have been a number of headlines about the Russian government resignation. This American ABC News article is one example. The reason I ask is that, I don't know the mechanism of the Russian ...

russian-federation government  
asked by user1605665 25 votes
answered by Philipp 33 votes

Who is the federal watchdog saying that Trump broke the law?

This report from NPR is about a watchdog report that says that Trump broke the law when he froze Ukranian funds. The White House says it was legal. My question is: Who is the federal watchdog that ...

united-states trump-impeachment  
asked by Burt 17 votes
answered by PoloHoleSet 48 votes

Has Trump managed to implement any of his anti-corruption (lobbying reform) campaign proposals?

In a 2016 article, the BBC noted some (four) proposals of then-candidate Trump: Currently, anyone spending less than 20% of their time engaged in lobbying can call themselves an "adviser" or ...

united-states donald-trump campaigning corruption lobbying  
asked by Fizz 16 votes
answered by Chipster 17 votes

Grey area of "impeachment"

According to what I've read: the House has the ability to impeach a President, however this doesn't mean the President has to leave office. He only has to leave office if the Senate finds him guilty. ...

united-states donald-trump impeachment terminology trump-impeachment  
asked by Alex 16 votes
answered by Sjoerd 27 votes

Why is the US broadcast media mostly banned from fact-checking political advertising?

On this site the author writes: Two more Facebook moderation stories. On one hand, they're moving to block 'deep fake' manipulated video, but on the other, they're holding firm on not ...

united-states advertising fact-checking  
asked by hawkeye 15 votes
answered by Jontia 49 votes

Are all U.S. Senators required to attend the impeachment trial?

Several U.S. Senators are campaigning for their party's nomination for the 2020 general presidential election. The impeachment trial will start next week. Are these Senators required to attend all ...

united-states senate impeachment trump-impeachment senate-rules  
asked by Rain Willow 13 votes
answered by Fizz 15 votes

Why exactly is Laïcité (the law on separation of church and state) not valid in Alsace?

I've read that Due to the special historical situation (Laïcité is not valid in Alsace), there is a university with a theology faculty (Catholic and Protestant). In 2009 a Master's degree in ...

law france religion  
asked by Fizz 10 votes
answered by Fizz 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do the supreme court justices have a life term period?

The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States is composed by chief justices which have a life-term period on that position after they are "elected". I have always asked to myself why some ...

united-states constitution supreme-court  
asked by Alberto Bonsanto 24 votes
answered by Michael Mrozek 28 votes

What is the difference between the Chancellor and the President of Germany?

As you know, Germany has both a Chancellor and a President. While the Chancellor's appearances in international stages and media seem to be huge, not many foreign media talk about the German ...

president germany  
asked by hbar 25 votes
answered by Merion 17 votes

What are the main reasons for why negotiating a proper Brexit deal has been so hard?

When the UK voted for Brexit, then it was generally expected that the pro-Brexit politicians had some idea of how negotiations for a Brexit deal would fare and what the outcome would be. Now years ...

united-kingdom european-union brexit  
asked by dimpleoewoo 111 votes
answered by Graham 180 votes

Who is more powerful, a senator or a representatives in the U.S Congress?

As they are fewer in number and serve longer terms (6 years as opposed to 2), Senators are generally considered to be more powerful. But are the Representatives also important in Congress?

united-states congress senate  
asked by user9760 4 votes
answered by Brythan 8 votes

Why is there no willingness in the international community to step in between Pakistan and India?

Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers. And, unlike other nations, such as North Korea vs USA, Pakistan and India genuinely hate each other and have since the two countries came into existence. ...

international-relations india pakistan kashmir  
asked by Mateo 41 votes
answered by Joe 55 votes

Why is the UK still pressing on with Brexit?

Before Monday I have always taken an impartial stance when ingesting information produced by clearly pro-Leave and pro-Remain groups, to analyze the information and take time to cross-reference it ...

united-kingdom european-union brexit  
asked by Duke Jake Morgan 43 votes
answered by Frank Hopkins 83 votes

Why is India called the biggest democratic country?

Why is India called the biggest democratic country? I have seen many other countries bigger than India that still follow voting mechanisms. Why is India called so?

democracy india  
asked by Sukan 3 votes
answered by Philipp 20 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Are there any studies about whether it is better for the government to tell the truth?

I remember once reading a text about the British government sending spies into the underground stations during the Blitz to survey the opinion of the people. The conclusion being, that no matter how ...

asked by Tobias Wilfert 2 votes

How often did the European Parliament use its optional secret ballot rule?

According to Wikipedia: If at least 20% of the Parliament requests it before voting begins, the vote will be taken by secret ballot. Citing (the 2nd para of) EP Rule 169, which is actually a ...

voting european-parliament secret-ballot  
asked by Fizz 4 votes

US Chief Justice Roberts' choices of "in conformity with" and "in conformance with" during the swearing in at the Senate

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts used both the phrases in conformity with and in conformance with within the same minute during a swearing-in process in the senate. This can be heard in ...

united-states senate supreme-court terminology trump-impeachment  
asked by uhoh 1 vote
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