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Top new questions this week:

Is there a word or phrase for an election candidate who wants to win an office to prevent its role being done at all?

I am looking for a term for a candidate who wants and hopes to win an election, but has no intention of fulfilling the role if elected. He wishes to be elected in order to prevent it being done at all....

election terminology  
asked by davidlol 33 votes
answered by David Siegel 35 votes

How did Alaska "change its primary system recently" and was it "to dilute the possibility of a conservative or Trump-inspired challenger"?

Politico's GOP pushes Murkowski to stay in line against Biden’s Covid bill includes the following: Murkowski is unique, however, and so is her home of Alaska. The state is suffering economically, the ...

united-states election voting-systems primaries alaska  
asked by uhoh 23 votes
answered by divibisan 40 votes

House of Commons clarification on clapping

From my current understanding, MP's are not allowed to clap in the House of Commons. Instead, they say (or shout) "hear" to express themselves. However, after having watched this video, I've ...

united-kingdom parliament house-of-commons procedure  
asked by MyNameIsAres 18 votes
answered by CDJB 22 votes

Has any European country recently scrapped a bank/public holiday?

I have tried to find whether any European country has recently (in the past 30 years or so) scrapped a national free day or similar. The closest I could get is the idea of replacing/moving a bank ...

europe public-holidays  
asked by Alexei 12 votes
answered by CDJB 22 votes

Which governors can flip the Senate as of March 2021?

Currently, the US Senate is split 50-50. If something should happen and one of the Senators die or resign, it's possible that they are replaced by a new Senator from the opposite party, giving one ...

united-states senate  
asked by Bobson 12 votes
answered by CDJB 17 votes

What happens if a Senate Committee is 50-50 split on a nominee?

I know when the Senate itself is split, the Vice President will cast the deciding vote. But in committee hearings where they're voting to approve Cabinet positions (Such as a Department of Security ...

united-states senate senate-rules nomination  
asked by Russ Wilkie 10 votes
answered by CDJB 22 votes

Why is Republican targeted messaging around socialism effective among immigrants from socialist or formerly socialist countries?

A major component of Republican political messaging in the last few election cycles has been trying to tie their opponents to socialism or communism, with their target audience particularly being ...

united-states republican-party socialism  
asked by Obie 2.0 8 votes
answered by o.m. 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is DC so, so, so Democratic?

Looking at Wikipedia’s page on the 2016 election, I see that Clinton got 90.48% of DC’s vote; Trump only got 4.07%. This is by far the most any candidate got in any state; behind it is it Nebraska’s ...

united-states democratic-party washington-dc  
asked by Stormblessed 43 votes

What is the political significance of FEC fundraising deadlines?

Every so often, I receive mass emails from political campaigns urging me to make a donation in advance of an FEC fundraising deadline. They claim that it's really important for them to reach some ...

united-states campaigning fec  
asked by Taymon 21 votes
answered by user4012 26 votes

Why haven't any Governments banned cigarette sales when it has been proven that it's harmful?

Rather than advertising the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on the box, why hasn't any government just banned the selling of cigarettes in their respective countries? Doesn't it solve the main ...

healthcare policy  
asked by user3736290 24 votes
answered by Philipp 43 votes

Why is President Trump making such a big deal about fake news, and specifically targeting reputable organizations like The New York Times and CNN?

The Trump administration has been targeting reputable news organizations like The Times and CNN, calling them "fake news". What is this administration trying to accomplish here?

united-states donald-trump media fake-news  
asked by harsimranb 147 votes
answered by Venture2099 242 votes

Must all democratic countries have a constitution?

It seems to me that all democratic countries, e.g. republics and representative monarchies, also have a constitution of sorts. On the other hand, what defines a democratic country is the "power to ...

democracy constitution law history  
asked by Sklivvz 19 votes
answered by user4012 19 votes

Has Biden's campaign, or the Democratic Party, publicly voiced their opinion on granting some sort of immunity to Trump?

As a foreign spectator it seems likely to me that Trump won't leave the White House voluntarily. Losing his immunity appears to be a driving factor in why he is clinging to the position of power he ...

united-states donald-trump presidential-election democratic-party joe-biden  
asked by 0xC0000022L 30 votes
answered by divibisan 87 votes

Why is Canada's bill C-16 believed to be legislating pronoun use?

The Canadian bill C-16 ("An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code") has been the subject of heated debate and controversy. I admit I hadn't followed it very closely, but I'...

human-rights canada legislation discrimination gender  
asked by terdon 34 votes
answered by tim 30 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Why are India and Bangladesh not members of ASEAN?

Myanmar is an ASEAN member. India and Bangladesh are bordering countries of Myanmar. Why are India and Bangladesh not members of ASEAN? Also, what happened to East Timor and Papua New Guinea?

india bangladesh asean  
asked by user366312 2 votes
answered by Nabil Farhan 0 votes

Did Taiwan end up doing what its president said that it would do for "Hong Kongers"?

This answer to What did Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen actually say that it would do for "Hong Kongers"? says (paraphrased): (Taiwan) means to help new settlements of Hong Kong people... ...

china immigration refugees taiwan  
asked by uhoh 4 votes

Were there any intra-EU concerns expressed that Germany was practicing dumping prices on aluminium sheets?

Reuters reports on the new anti-dumping duties imposed by the Biden administration on aluminium sheets (worldwide): The U.S. Commerce Department on Tuesday issued final anti-dumping duties on common ...

united-states european-union trade germany greece  
asked by Fizz 2 votes
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