What accounts for the low level of Indian immigration from India to China?

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What accounts for the low level of Indian immigration to China?

In the 2010 census, China counted its foreign nationals:

Of the foreign nationals, 120,750 were from the Republic of Korea, 71,493 were from the United States, 66,159 were from Japan, 39,776 were from Myanmar, 36,205 were from Vietnam, 19,990 were from Canada, 15,087 were from France, 15,051 were from India, 14,446 were from Germany, and 13,286 were from Australia.

Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea and Japan make sense: they're all relatively close. The United States has a large population with a relatively high average income to travel to other countries, so that might explain their levels. However, these numbers suggests that immigration from India to China is relatively low. India has many times the population of Korea or Myanmar, say, and it shares a land border with China. Further, there's a large GDP per capita difference between the two, which tends to encourage immigration. Yet the number of Indian nationals was less than half that of Myanmar.

Why is immigration from India to China seemingly so low?