Japanese Prime Minister has indicated that he doesn't have any plans to visit Pearl Harbor in reciprocation for Obama's visit to Hiroshima.

What Japanese government members have visited Pearl Harbor?

The Daily Mail in a 2009 article says that Lower house speaker Yohei Kono was the highest-ranking government member to do so, and reports that the Emperor planned to visit it, and the 1994 article Emperor Visits Site Near Pearl Harbor mentions that the Emperor visited a place near it.

I couldn't find any relevant info in Attack on Pearl Harbor, Naval Station Pearl Harbor or USS Arizona Memorial.


As long as we restrict the information to official visits, the answer is: 0.

Emperor Akihito was supposed to be the first member of the Imperial Family to visit Pearl Harbor in 2009, but ultimately did not, instead laying a wreath at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific which commemorates WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Notably, he is the son of the emperor who ruled Japan during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

No sitting Japanese Prime Minister has ever visited Pearl Harbor, and the current Prime Minister has no plans to do so.

It is likely impossible to know if any members of government have done so in an unofficial capacity—such as on vacation—since there would be no record of that, anywhere we would have access to it.

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