I'm doing candidate research for the local election at the end of the month. Where can I find general information about the role of the County Clerk of Court? What I know:

  • County Clerks do a lot of digital and analog paperwork.
  • County Clerks hire the clerks under them that work with judges.
  • County Clerks determine what hiring exams and qualifications these under-clerks must have.
  • 92% of the County Clerk's [of the county I live in] budget is payroll.
  • County Clerks can audit the courthouse's operations (evidence rooms, budget).
  • County Clerks have some control over the establishment and maintenance of satellite offices.

I'm interested in books, articles, and reference works dealing with the day-to-day workload of County Clerks of Court. I would be delighted to read biographies of exemplary clerks. Thank you!

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