More than 140 people were killed and over 525 wounded on Saturday, by a Saudi Arabian airstrike on a funeral. (See nytimes, rt, theguardian, and foxnews.)

The questions are:

  • Who supplies Saudi Arabia with weapons? Is there any data (official, if exist, and if not, estimates) about portion for each country?
  • Can international laws ban selling weapons to a country that misuses them?

Who supplies Saudi-Arabia with weapons?

As you can read on the Wikipedia article on the Royal Saudi Air Force and Saudi-Arabian ground forces, Saudi Arabia has the following aircraft capable of performing ground strikes:

  • 154 McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle's (United States)
  • 64 Eurofighter Typhoon's (Germany/UK/Italy/Spain joint venture)
  • 80 Panavia Tornado IDS (Germany/UK/Italy joint venture)
  • 92 AF-64 Apache attack helicopters (United States)

They further have 86 F-15C's (United States) which are pure air-superiority fighters not equipped to attack ground targets and various unarmed aircraft supplied by UK, US, Pakistan, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Ukraine and Italy.

Their main suppliers for tanks and heavy artillery are the US and France, minor suppliers are UK, Brazil and China.

Russia has agreed to supply Saudi Arabia with air defence missiles.

Personal firearms are supplied by Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia and the US.

What can the international community do to prevent weapon trading?

The United Nations Security Council can enact sanctions against individual countries. A commonly used sanction against countries which are considered a security threat are trade embargoes which forbid all UN countries from exporting weapons to a country.

Such a decision by the security council can be vetoed by any of the UN veto powers. The United States, United Kingdom and France are among these veto powers, so they would consider their own economical interests before allowing such sanctions to pass. Also, Saudi-Arabia has a lot of control over the global oil market, which gives them quite a lot of leverage against the international community.

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