Now, I don't have comprehensive knowledge of what the Green Party represents, and I only just recently learned of their existence. But from the wikipedia page, it seems like they stand for everything that is objectively morally right:

The party...promotes environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice, participatory grassroots democracy, gender equality, LGBT rights, anti-war and anti-racism. On the political spectrum the party is generally seen as left-wing, and in 2016 officially self-described as an "eco-socialist" party.

Despite this, they seem to have very little support, with only about 2% of the popular vote going to them. Why is this?

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    "objectively morally right" is kind of contradictory, and too much opinion-based. Now, maybe you could reword the question to ask why the difference of votes with the Democratic Party, which is generally supporting the same value. – SJuan76 Nov 9 '16 at 2:41
  • Duplicate: why 3rd party support is so low was answered before. – user4012 Nov 9 '16 at 3:24
  • Also, when people hear "socialism" they remember that Venezuelans have no food, no money and no freedom. Perhaps they object to such outcome? – user4012 Nov 9 '16 at 3:27
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    @SJuan76 "Objectively morally right" is not contradictory. The statement "morally right" is not subjective. There are subjective moral beliefs, but there are also objective moral facts. – user6561 Nov 9 '16 at 12:06