So I totally understand that the super delegates include those such as the president, vice president, senators, past presidents, etc., but I was wondering if there was an exact mathematical equation that would explain how there were 712 super delegates for the 2016 Democratic primary.

For example, how was Alabama awarded 7 super delegates of the 2016 Democratic primaries?


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Democratic Party's super delegates come from these groups:

  • Current and former POTUS, VPOTUS, DNC Chair or Democratic leader in the Senate or the House

  • Current Democratic governor, senator or congressman

  • Members of the Democratic National Committee

Since you asked about Alabama, the delegates consist of 5 DNC Members, 1 Representative and 1 national Democratic county official.

Basically, it can be deduced that there isn't a fixed number of super delegates. For this year's Democratic primary, there's a list of all unpledged delegates.

This article by Vox explains the concept of super delegates clearly.

Unfortunately, there isn't any equation apart from the composition of super delegates.


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