On May 6th 2016, Representative Lacy Clay congratulated David Pulphus on his painting "Untitled #1" and at some point the painting made it to Washington where Representative Clay hung it in the Cannon Tunnel on Capitol Hill.

I'm not certain when that happened. The first press I saw on it was Dec 29th: http://ijr.com/2016/12/766256-painting-of-cops-as-pigs-hung-proudly-in-u-s-capitol/ The painting was given the colloquial name of the "Pig Painting" and news about it quickly went sparked national controversy.

Fox reports that "Untitled #1" has now been taken down permanently. Citing Representative Duncan Hunter's removal of the picture on Jan 6th and then say that Representative Clay rehung "Untitled #1" and:

From there, the painting became a political football – with other Republicans stepping forward to remove the painting, only for Clay’s office to put it back up again

I was hoping someone could give me an actual timeline of when all the hangings and unhangings happened. Was this only unhung twice by other Representatives? Fox's statement could be interpreted either way.


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