Is there any justification for President Trump’s allegations that the much of the mainstream media’s coverage of his actions and positions are so stilted and biased as to warrant accusations of “fake news, and that they are thereby doing a disservice to the citizenry? Arguable instances: the travel restrictions that he imposed upon the seven predominantly Muslim countries [purportedly because of the difficulty of vetting visa applicants from those countries] was initially characterized by the media simply as a “Muslim travel ban.” And his broadening the scope of the undocumented who qualify for deportations was initially characterized as his instigating arbitrary and unrestricted raids on and deportation of all undocumented immigrants. Which leads to the issue of the extent to which the robust anti-Trump sentiment that exists in many segments of populations here and abroad is a reaction to what he actually does/says, as opposed to how what he does/says is characterized/described/interpreted by the media. (I must say that I not a young man, and have voted democrat my entire life, but have to admit that I’ve never witnessed a president so universally vilified by the mainstream media [maybe Nixon during his endgame]).

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Is there any justification for Trump’s accusing the mainstream media of propagating “fake news?”

Obviously no.

Our friends on the left and in the mainstream media have defined "fake news" as anything distributed by online conservative news outlet that is unhelpful to the progressive agenda.

Under such a definition, the mainstream media is not capable of producing "fake news". And any accusation of them doing such is unjust, unjustified and unjustifiable.

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    So "Pizzagate" is just "fake news" because it's "unhelpful to the progressive agenda"? uh-huh. – Martin Tournoij Apr 5 '17 at 21:23
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