Are there any polls or research on how Russian populace views Kurds (in general, or those in Turkey specifically)?


It's unlikely. If "no opinion" were an option, I would expect that to be the dominant answer. As far as I can tell, no major poll along these lines has been taken in the US either. If Russians are any more more opinionated on Kurdish issues, they are also subject to less extensive polling.

While not directly related to the question, there is a political analysis goes into some detail about the history of Russian-Kurdish relations since the nineteenth century. It may also be interesting to note that Zelimkhan Mutsoev, a very wealthy Russian MP in Putin's own party, is from a Yazidi Kurdish background. The ethnic Kurdish population in Russia was about 63,000 in the 2010 census.


In the Tambov region the Kurdish mafia has a serious influence. The thief in law Shamoyan owns the construction business. The attitude of the Kurds towards the Russians is arrogant. If the "black" beats the Russian - this is the norm. If the Russian beats the Kurd - an international scandal. Therefore, the relationship becomes tense. By the way, the governor of the Tambov region suggested creating Kurdish autonomy. Therefore, Putin's power "protects" the interests of the Russian people.



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