The Prime Minister has a spokesman, regularly quoted in newspapers.

Who are they? What's their name? Are there any published video or audio recordings of them giving statements? Are they ever seen with the Prime Minister, or do they only meet in private?

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The position is currently held by Max Blain

It was formerly held by James Slack.

He was appointed to this position on 10 February 2017 after his predecessor Helen Bower took up a new role as Director of Communications in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The role of the spokesperson is as follows according to politics.co.uk:

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman or PMOS is a civil servant charged with presenting the Prime Minister and the Government to the media in the best light possible, whilst maintaining the independence and objectivity of the Civil Service. The PMOS briefs press and broadcast journalists most weekdays when Parliament is sitting, giving the Prime Minister's line on current affairs as well as advance notice of government announcements due that day. Towards the end of the week, a briefing is given for correspondents from the Sunday papers.

(emphasis mine)

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    Thanks! Are they actually invisible? The photo in that article is just a door! Commented Apr 19, 2017 at 12:24
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    I've updated to 2021 info. Hope that's okay.
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