What is the public opinion (through polls/surveys) on Jeremy Corbyn since the announcement for the snap election regarding the position of Prime Minister?

I have checked:

But they aim their current polls at Labour, not Jeremy Corbyn with the scope of him being Prime Minister.

Note: An answer would align neutral wording (i.e. Both left and right/impartial) on the questions regarding unbias coverage of Jeremy Corbyn, seeing as the UK has the 'most right-wing' press in Europe.

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    I'd take whatever Telegraph has to say about Corbyn with a grain of salt tho. Their writers are very much biased against the man. It would be better to use both Left and Right aligned sources to get a clearer picture. – NSNoob Apr 26 '17 at 9:03
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    I wouldn't trust the Telegraph with Jeremy Corbyn coverage as far as I could throw them, I'll amend my question to indicate this factor when answering the question. – Bradley Wilson Apr 26 '17 at 9:04
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    Given the Brexit controversy and Corbyn's refusal to form a progressive coalition with Greens, LibDem and possibly SNP, I'd not be surprised if many left-aligned voters have turned against him as well. A progressive coalition is after all the last hope of thwarting another Tory gov. – NSNoob Apr 26 '17 at 9:05
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    The same political animosity was predicted throughout the Labour leadership election, but unfortunately that's outside the scope of this question. I'm more than happy to have a discussion, start a chat if you wish to do so. – Bradley Wilson Apr 26 '17 at 9:10

This is the best polling data that I could find specifically in relation to public opinion on Jeremy corbyn

On April 18th 2017: (2 days after the snap election was called) YouGov reported that when asked the question:

Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister?

The public responded:

  • 15% - Jeremy Corbyn
  • 54% - Theresa May

On May 30-31 2017: YouGov reported that when asked the question:

Which of the following do you think would makethe best Prime Minister?

The public responded:

  • 30% - Jeremy Corbyn
  • 43% - Theresa May

There is a detailed breakdown of the answer to this question on every YouGov poll since the EU referendum that can be found here.

Analysis: Public opinion of Corbyn has generally improved since the snap election was called.

  • Seems as much as I could find too. – Bradley Wilson Jun 3 '17 at 16:28

To add to @SleepingGod's answer, a survey released by YouGov on behalf of The Times asked this very question. They compared the dates from 5-7th June to 21st-22nd June and the results are as follows:

Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister?

June 5th - June 7th

  • Jeremy Corbyn - 32%
  • Theresa May - 43%
  • Don't Know - 26%

June 21st - June 22nd

  • Jeremy Corbyn - 35%
  • Theresa May - 34%
  • Don't know - 30%

Sample size: 1670 GB Adults

573 Conservatives : 548 Labour : 102 Liberal Democrats

So it seems public opinion has changed in a positive way for Jeremy Corbyn since the snap election announcement, as for the first time he has overtaken Theresa May.

Note: the link I have provided is a PDF file for those who view this through the phone app.

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