I own an allotment in a different parish to the one I live in. I wanted to speak to the parish council that owns my allotment about my tennancy and the management of the allotments. I came along to a meeting after I was invited by the clerk. I was allowed to speak to five minutes... but then I was sent away because "I wasn't part of the parish so it does not concern me".

Is this the law? They said I strictly was not allowed to stay?


Certainly not, the public and press are legally allowed to attend any parish council meeting. Therefore by throwing you out for the reason given "You were not a member of the parish" is illegal. However, the meeting can pass a resolution to exclude you for specific bills under certain conditions e.g.

for specific items which need to be discussed in confidence, for example but not limited to staffing matters, financial details relating to individuals or tenders for contracts.

However you have No legal right to speak at the meeting, since that is a privilege reserved for elected parish councillors. However most councils will allow you to speak if you ask to, if you have trouble speaking you should request a copy of the councils standing orders, since most councils would have adopted a standing order of some sort allowing you to speak. The chairman should explain this process to you.


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