Under the current law&rules, can an Italian party sign into the elections with two different lists, joined into one coalition, or is there a rule explicitly forbidding that?

(notice that lists are not automatically linked to a party, I'm just wondering if there are some special limitations when they are)

I'm not talking about running with two different lists in two different sections, I'm talking about having two lists in the same section, i.e. twice the symbol in the same ballot (obviously with some differences), such as "Party A - current X" + "Party A - current Y".


I do not think it is possible to have them registered under the same party.

In any case it should be possible to just add some dots to party's name and symbol and split it in a new pokemo- I mean party.

Silly parties have been conveniently created and used (mostly by right wing coalitions) to leverage confused people votes, like the Retired people's party, which in great accordance to its name and stances, has received state subsidies amounting to 180 times real campaign spenditures and reached a peak of 374.343 voters in 2004 elections.

On the opposite side, during the previous elections we had THREE communists parties each not allied with the others.

So, depending on the context, the electoral system makes possible to create both fake cool-symbol parties to raises votes and infinitely small parties to make impossible for a given one to come back in parliament.

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