Bangladesh and India both have borders with Myanmaar.

India has way bigger landmass, financial resource, and manpower. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world.


Why hasn't India given shelter to Rohingyas?

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Official position of India's government

Seeking to get legal clearance for the deportation plan, the home ministry told the Supreme Court this week it would confidentially provide it with intelligence information showing Rohingya links with Pakistan-based militants. (source)

“Our investigations have revealed that Al Qaeda wants to use India and Bangladesh as their base to start a religious war against Myanmar,” said New Delhi police official Pramod Singh Khuswah. “Clearly they are a threat to our security.”

Other likely reasons

  • Demographics.

    Rohingyas are majority Muslim. India has no desire to have more Muslims living there (it has enough friction with its own Muslim population and Muslim neighbors without adding the need for more). Bangladesh (which is majority Muslim) seems a better place from India's point of view

    Additionally, Rohingyas are ethnically closer to Benghali than average Indian populace (though who and what they are seems to be rather convoluted mix). So, India gets to claim "they are your people, they are your problem" to Bangladesh.

  • Economics.

    Housing and hosting a large # of refugees is a big economic drain - even more so when the refugees are not homogenuous with native populace (which removes local sources of bootstrapping for refugee individuals AND reduces overall trust capital of the area which reduces economy).

    As such, if India has an option of "we get to pay for hundreds of thousands of refugees, or we punt that on Bangladesh", the preferred option for Indian government is kind of obvious.

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