I've thought of it many times, actually an "ally" due to the petro dollar, what programs has Saudi Arabia implemented to prepare for a transition to a post-oil world economy?

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  • sure; the article explains that the sovereign funds are there to make strategic investments for the future prosperity or 'thriving' of SA, for example higher education and so on; there's a paucity of that in SA as they just now buy in the expertise from Egypt and elsewhere. – Mozibur Ullah Dec 1 '17 at 17:23
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The crown prince has laid out a variety of diversification measures in something called Vision 2030

Major parts of this include:

Selling off 5% of ARAMCO to be traded publicly (the state's national oil company, often cited as the most valuable company in the world) in part to create a massive sovereign wealth fund.

Creating a megacity in the middle of the desert to be designated as a special economic zone for economic cooperation with Jordan and Egypt

Socially modernizing the country (to an extent) and starting a green card system to attract foreign investment and foreign peoples who otherwise might have avoided the historically ultra socially conservative state.

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