I was watching the news today and spotted a very strange flag behind this talking head. It appears to be a U.S. flag with 45 stars arranged mostly in a circular pattern, but it doesn't look like the official 45 star flag from 1896.

Is it some rare version of the 45 star flag? Is it a political statement? Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the talking head nor did I think to take a picture of who it was. I was too interested in the flag.

Below is the picture I took:

please identify this flag

(I was unsure if this was the correct place to ask, but I didn't know where else it would be. If there is a better stack for it, please let me know.)

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    The talking head is Steve Schmidt. He's appeared in front of that flag (as a talking head) a number of times on MSNBC
    – jbeo
    Commented Jan 3, 2018 at 21:15

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Via Google reverse image search, I was able to uncover it is a rare old American flag with 45 stars in a medallion configuration made after Utah was admitted to the union.

Google results are sparse, but I found a little information at this link at this link:

RARE 45-STAR MEDALLION FLAG COMMEMORATING THE STATE OF UTAH, 1896. Printed on cotton and framed. Canton shows triple circular wreaths of dancing stars surrounding a single star with additional stars in each quadrant. This flag was official from 1896-1908 and like other medallion patterns of this era is rare.


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