On the public meeting of the DNC Unity Reform commission Nomiki Konst said:

We are talking about close to 700-800 million dollars between the Joint Fundraising Agreement and the DNC being spent on five consultants

Who are those five consultants?

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    Not an answer, but hopefully helpful to someone who is researching an answer more than me: MotherJones published the memo that memorializes the Joint Fundraising Agreement, and they aren't mentioned there. Source Commented Dec 14, 2017 at 21:54

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Via Our Revolution CCC twitter @pausetheprocess — link

"They win even when Democrats lose:

  • GMMB Consultants - AJ Lenar
  • Precision Strategies - Jennifer O'Malley Dillon
  • The Podesta Group - Tony & John
  • SKDK NickerBocker - Anita Dunn, Hillary Rosen
  • Benenson Strategy Group - Joel Benenson
  • Perkins Coie Law International - Marc Elias"

"I should include Raelynn Olson to GMMB Consultants. Olson has other consultant firms under various names, tries to keep a low profile." — link


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