We all know the relationship between the USA and North Korea and how the two presidents keep threatening each other. I know that the majority of the EU stands with Trump in this matter, but do we know how Vladimir Putin and Russia views North Korea? Are Russia and North Korea allies? Enemies? Neutral?

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    There is a Wikipedia entry on this topic. – janh Dec 27 '17 at 14:38
  • Thank you @janh the article is very interesting, however, it doesn't state the situation after the election of Trump, we know that the relationship between Poutin and Trump is, hum let's say based on respect, which make the situation a little bit unclear for me... – Dhon Joe Dec 27 '17 at 15:27

North Korea has a history of good economic, if not diplomatic, ties with Russia stretching back to the Soviet era. To call them allies today would be inaccurate, but Russia has a vested economic interest in finding a diplomatic solution to the current tension in the Korean peninsula.

Russia has supported the most recent UN resolution for greater sanctions on North Korea following bomb tests, but has also said it would be willing to mediate talks between North Korea and its stated enemies. The current sanctions limit the amount of energy that can be legally exported to North Korea, and Russia would like the tensions to be resolved so they could export more energy (though allegedly they are still trading under the table) and also so that Russia would have an easier path to trade with South Korea.

So to answer your question they are neutral but Russia, similarly to China, is doing its best to unwind tensions while still condemning nuclear tests so that it can resume larger trade with North Korea.

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    Good answer, but I doubt that bit : also so that Russia would have an easier path to trade with South Korea. Even in case of a huge de-escalation in Korea, it will still be a very far shot before Russai-SK trade can cross NK territory... – Evargalo May 2 '18 at 9:30
  • Vladivostok is close to South Korea and there are many container ships going between these two places. I am not sure the ease of tensions with North Korea would change much. – Taladris Jul 7 at 1:18

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