Boris Johnson is both a well-known and perennial figure in the British Conservative Party. Despite his highly-educated background, he cultivates a public personality likable to a bumbling-fool while simultaneously courting and winning seats in positions of power.

What I don't understand is how, after a disappointing mayorship of London, he championed the cause of Brexit in opposition to the majority of the conservative party's membership - at the time his leadership of the Pro-Brexit campaign was seen as a precursor to Conservative Party leadership - despite this seemingly politically contradictory position and his aforementioned public persona, he was hand-picked by Theresa May for the Foreign Secretary in her cabinet, and as of late December 2017 is being considered for "ownership" of Brexit, despite most of the current Tory cabinet's historical opposition of separation from the EU.

  • Why does the Tory party keep Boris Johnson around?
  • How is he an asset to the party?
  • How does the party leadership reconcile his aspirations of power with their own rational self-interest?
  • What are the disadvantages to removing him from the Tory party?