After somewhat of research, I have found that there are many sides of the syrian conflict.For example

  • Attack on specific side of streets occupied by specific tribes by military shows a shia vs sunni conflict.
  • The most widely considered(but not 100% true) asad regime vs activists
  • The two superpowers driving the country, US vs Russia. A fight for control over arab.
  • What asad regime itself says, asad vs terrorists.
  • And something that's going on, Military vs common people.

Which of these are true? Which is most influencing the battleground?

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    I'd say one of the defining characteristics of the Syrian conflict is how many more sides than "two" there are. Apr 12 '17 at 16:04

"Which of these are true?" - The answer is, ALL of them, to more or less extent.

Take a look at a brief summary of engaged forces on Wikipedia, just for the first approximation.

"Which is most influencing the battleground?" - depends.

Purely numbers wise, it's Assad vs everyone (again, the #s are on Wiki)

In terms of effectiveness, it's Shia vs Sunni, since the most effective forces are Basj/Hezbollah on one side and imported Sunni Jihadists on the other.

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    "Imported Sunni Jihadists" that's not true. MOST of the opposition is actually Syrian people who raised armies. (P.S I live in Damascus). Jun 3 '14 at 21:14

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