I've heard Nasdem may want to do it. However, I couldn't find the link.

I am sure there are many that wants those repealed.

Here is a back story.

As for background stories, you can read a summary written by someone here


You can read many other links to that talk about it.

Basically a very popular governor (still winning 44% vote) is convicted of blasphemy. Basically he said people are being lied to by al maidah 51. Ahok followers think that some corrupt officials want Ahok down and that officials use al maidah 51 to get his puppets elected.

Anies, Ahok successor, has been in deliberate rampage doing insane things to undermine Jokowi's credibility. Anies, for example, turn roads into market, prohibit reclamation project from continuing, close night clubs (while of course, allowing many similar others). Anies also literally give money away to thugs https://news.detik.com/berita/3450381/anies-janjikan-semua-ormas-dapat-dukungan-dana-dari-pemprov-dki

In any case, many things that what Ahok said is a legitimate political consideration. That religions can be used to well, steal money. But he went to jail for that.

That means it's difficult to discuss anything because the more you hurt someone's pocket, the more likely that people can put you in jail for vague reasons.

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