The US is just one nation -- what effect will US withdrawal have on Iran, assuming that other countries stick to the deal and impose no sanctions?

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There will be a huge ripple effect if the US imposes secondary sanctions. Individual companies from the other signature powers would be sanctioned in the US for trading with Iran. The new US ambassador to Germany has called on German companies to stop dealing with Iran.


There is concern that as the relationship between the US and Iran cools further, Iran might cleave closer to Russia and China. `source

Mohsen Milani's "The Making of Iran’s Islamic Revolution" is a good read, and I think it does a good job of telling the 20th century story (particularly how external powers manipulated the country). It's a good read now to understand how similar moves have played out in the past.

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    Only the first sentence really addresses the question; the others just reference a book and call it a useful read. And while that first sentence isn't wrong, the answer could definitely use some elaboration.
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