Russia just completed construction of a very long bridge across the Kerch strait - 23km.

I was wondering - why didn't it build the bridge along the shorter route, from Chushka port, where the ferry runs? That seems to be less than half the distance for the bridge. Is the reason political, economic or engineering-related?

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    Wikipedia’s article about the Kerch Strait suggests technical reasons: Since 1944, various bridge projects to span the strait have been proposed or attempted, always hampered by the difficult geologic and geographic configuration of the area. Unfortunately, no details and no source.
    – chirlu
    May 15, 2018 at 23:56

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Apparently, because the shorter route would interfere with the shipping lane.

Although you can't exactly rule out the possibility that corruption plays a role; the bridge has been built by SGM group, which is owned by Putin's close friend Arkady Rotenberg. Finding evidence is of course impossible.

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