Which states do not recognize or have not designated a special day of observance for Juneteenth Independence Day?

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    I was not one of the VtC'ers, as I do not have the rep to do so, however here is my educated guess: trivia. The Wikipedia answers the question and you do not discuss how it does not for you. It is only after reading the answer that I can only guess it is because of the discrepancy of 45 of 50 and only 4 states remaining, but you do not state that is why you are questioning Wikipedia and therefore as written, your question is trivia. – CGCampbell Jun 22 '18 at 16:54

Examining the Wikipedia article's history, New Hampshire is the forty-sixth state to observe Juneteenth day. However, no one has edited the article to change the "45 of 50" to "46 of 50" states. They did remove New Hampshire from the list of states that do not recognize it, with a citation to support that claim.

The remaining four states are listed in the Wikipedia article as

Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota

Their citation is unreadable for me due to the way that they use Javascript (yes, I know there are workarounds, but I dislike supporting broken pages). I was able to confirm that New Hampshire was the forty-sixth state to recognize Juneteenth day at seacoastonline.com:

The council recommended New Hampshire join 45 other states in recognizing Juneteenth.

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