In any democratic countries, are there examples of high profile political candidates that enter public debates with explicit use of internet resources in real time?

The following are some clarifications:

"High profile candidates" is a pretty subjective classification, but I am wondering about people that have an constituency beyond the city level, preferably in a national arena.

"Public debates" should mean an organized debate with an opposing candidate that is televised or otherwise distributed through popular media.

"Explicit use" means that the use of internet isn't being hidden, and should be considered acceptable behavior.

"Aid of the internet" doesn't mean they have an earpiece where a team is feeding them the exact words to say. It might mean that they are personally searching for facts, or that studies or articles are being provided to them by a team.

I've been wondering about this because it seems like the ability to store facts and figures in your head isn't a particularly relevant skill when one can access the internet and advisers when making policy decisions. It seems like it would be more beneficial for the public to see their candidates make arguments with a more realistic and modern process.

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    Are you looking for examples where they pause a debate to google something? – janh Jul 25 '18 at 7:14

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