Wikipedia seems to suggest so

Where there are multiple departments involved a press release can also be a source of competition between areas of the Commission and Commissioners themselves. This also leads to an unusually high number of press releases, 1907 for 2006, and is seen as a unique product of the EU's political set-up.[76] The number of Commission press releases shows a decreasing trend. 1768 press releases were published in 2010 and 1589 in 2011.[79]

But it only has data for 3 years, and ends in 2011. Has the trend continued? And if there is a trend, have there been any published analyses/hypotheses as to the purported reason for it?

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Using the same source the writer(s) of the Wikipedia article did (EU Commission Press Release Database) you'll notice that it wasn't only the Press Releases, all documents in general show a decreasing trend particularly from 2013 forward:

EU Press Releases per year 1997-2017

The source for your quoted text conclusion is Maria Lindholm and its study is from 2008, too old to answer the sharp decrease of 2013. Probably a much better explanation is some of the cuts that were made during the recession, for example by closing Presseurop.

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