In an attempt to better focus a recent question asked here that is popular but very open to interpretation (which alas often happens on politics SE), I want to ask:

Are there any statistics on international treaties ratified by the US Congress but then exited by the US unilaterally, either through:

  • Congress abolishing the treaty, or
  • the Executive invoking a clause in the treaty that allows the Executive by itself to exit the US from the treaty (which entails that Congress pre-approved/delegated this method of exit to the Executive)?

Note that the latter seems not an uncommon case, e.g. Trump threatened South Korea with doing just that in order to get them to renegotiate [a new] KORUS treaty:

Late last week, the White House began preparing the documents to officially notify Korea under Section 24.5 to provide a six month notice that the U.S. wishes to terminate KORUS. Key Congressional leaders have been notified that this termination could be transmitted as early as Monday. [...] If the President does invoke Article 24.5, and no further action is taken, KORUS will terminate 180 days after such notice is given.

Ultimately that didn't happen and S. Korea renegotiated KORUS, but my point here is that while Congress is needed for ratification, it does not seem needed for the exit if Congress pre-approved/delegated the exit procedure for a treaty... as part of the treaty.

A futher background article even says:

although it took a 1945 vote in the Senate to allow President Harry Truman to ratify the U.N. Charter, the current weight of legal opinion holds that President Donald Trump has the power to withdraw the U.S. from this or any treaty without similar consultation with the legislative branch of government.

Since this question is probably going to be hard to answer from primary sources due to the volume of work that would be involved, I assume whatever analysis is cited in an answer is going to set its own criteria for "unilateral exit". With my elaboration above, I just wanted to prevent a simple/incorrect answer that would only count treaties explicitly abolished by Congress.

So, to reiterate the question (paying attention procedural issues mentioned above): how many treaties ratified by Congress has the US then unilaterally exited?

  • There's a question here asking about "mechanism for withdrawing"; which are somewhat more numerous (well, variations of the 3 I mentioned), but I couldn't find actual numbers/statistics, only examples given for each route: – Fizz Aug 10 at 18:44

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