Among people who voted for Ted Cruz in 2016, what reasons did they have for preferring Cruz over other Republican presidential candidates?

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Ted Cruz was the choice of many among the Religious Right (Cruz is an evangelical Christian and a leader of a form of Christian nationalism). He is pro-life and opposes equal marriage.

Cruz was also a representative of "Movement Conservatism", a grouping that is in favour of small government, uniformly low taxation, and significant reductions in the welfare state.

In most policies, he is consistent with the more hard-line position in the Republican policy spectrum, and gets support from that wing of the party and the country.

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    Rather than "hard-line" I would use the word "ideological". Cruz is one of those guys who carries a copy of the Constitution in his jacket pocket and will refer back to the arguments of the founding fathers in order to argue for a policy. So he (like Rand Paul) would have appealed to voters who care about philosophical purity more than pragmatism.
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