I was reading a list of some political parties and one of them supports the idea of "Pro-Europeanism". What is that and is it supported by a lot of people?


Pro-Europeanism is a political category applied to a person, a party or an organization supporting the idea of European integration, mainly though not exclusively through the European Union (EU). Pro-Europeans or pro-Europeanists generally support further integration, specifically in the context of political argument over the current and future status of the EU and its policies.

source: Wikipedia

However, Main goal of pre-European parties depends where they are.

In EU, pro-European political parties support the Idea of EU. They may think about some modernization but not leaving this union.

In east European non-EU countries (like Georgia, Ukraine etc) pro-European political parties saying that country should became member of EU and government should do everything for that.

In central European non-EU countries (like Switzerland, Norway) such political parties support more integration to EU but not necessary becoming member.

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