According to the result on the recent election in Sweden, the largest support for the Sweden Democrats party comes from the cohort Raised in Scandinavia outside of Sweden, at 36%. This is higher than the other cohorts that are often said to support the party (i.e. low-income, less-educated blue-collar men in rural), including the following (average is 18%):

  • Unemployed: 24%
  • Permanently outside the labor market: 30%
  • Blue-collar workers: 24%
  • Less than nine years of school: 35%
  • Compulsory comprehensive school: 27%

But I have never seen any comments regarding the voting tendency of the foreign-born citizens. Is it simply the small sample problems (but in that case they should put N/A or have no reason to show the result by foreign-born) or is there any reason why they have such large support for the party? The linked page does not show the number of samples on each category.

  • You need to clarify the question : According to Wikipedia this cohort is Foreign born raised in Scandinavia outside of Sweden, not just raised in Scandinavia outside of Sweden en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… – rs.29 Oct 28 '18 at 7:32

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