What would major political parties in America look like, if it came about, in both demographics and ideology? Right now, we seem to vote for who we tolerate. How many parties would it take to have most people genuinely enthusiastic about a choice? What would those candidates look like?

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    What do you mean by a third party? There are more then 3 parties that are represented in the united states you just don't see them in a lot of cases because the system is rigged in favor of two parties. In most elections (minus the presidential) it is a winner takes all system. Why this is critical is that instead of voting for who they want people vote for who they can tolerate if they think they are more likely to win. factcheck.org/2008/01/why-only-two-political-parties – Joe W Dec 6 at 1:44
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    You should also remember that while we have to major political parties at the current moment those have not always been the parties. Overtime as the culture of the country changes the parties will either change to match what is happening or they will die off – Joe W Dec 6 at 1:52
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It might look like this:

enter image description here

The image is of Ronald Regan (Republican president) and Tip O'Neil (Democratic speaker of the house), the respective leaders of their parties. While Regan was generally viewed as a conservative, he was elected by a landslide by the electoral college. Both men had a good sense of humor about their differences. For example, O'Neil is reported to have said:

Ronald Reagan...wasn’t without leadership ability, but he lacked most of the management skills that a President needs. But let me give him his due: he would have made a hell of a king.

Regan kept things light spirited as well, he explained that they were friends "after 6PM", but that before 6PM it's all politics.

Both men would be considered moderates compared to Trump and Pelosi. When politics works, two major parties are sufficient.

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