hello so I have a question . can a teenage run away if they have an emergency, for example, their parents are threatening to kill them / or will kill them but if they ran to the us embassy in the UAE will the embassy help them migrate?

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  • I would guess that the embassy first reaction would be to just get local law enforcement involved, calling for a police officer to take care of you (and take you away from the embassy). Only in the case that they determine that local law enforcement cannot/does not want to protect you could a refugee status process start, but even in that case it is a rather unlikely possibility and it will typically require a lengthy process – SJuan76 Dec 6 at 10:45
  • mind explaining further ? and how could a refugee process start? what if the police said ''not to interfere with the kid and her parents? what if there is a person that would take care of her outside the country? @sjuan76 – marbella Dec 6 at 11:32
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    @marbella If this question is as serious as it seems to imply, you really should ask on expatriates.stackexchange.com if you haven't already, like Philipp said. Good luck. – Onyz Dec 6 at 16:39