Every day Rahul Gandhi keeps making allegations and BJP leaders keep giving unsatisfactory answers. The facts that are undisputed are:

  1. There was an earlier (unofficial) deal of the UPA government that involved technology transfer and 18 fly-away jets.

  2. The deal was changed abruptly with 36 fly-away jets but no technology transfer.

There has been a supreme court verdict which should have put an end to this. But the Congress keeps making allegations.

On the other hand, all BJP had to do was to get an authority from the Air Force or some bureaucrat to say that it was their recommendation to change the deal. It could have been a bad recommendation, but a badly recommended deal does not mean a corrupt deal. Yet the BJP is not doing any such thing. Neither is it accepting the Congress' demand for a Joint Parliament Committee.

What are the end-case scenarios of the Rafale controversy?

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