In an interesting article in a leading newspaper of India the authors express their views on how the US’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan is an appropriate time to re-examine the idea of enabling its neutrality. They also lay out few points on how India should manoeuvre from their standpoint. One of them is :

One thing should already have been done and must be done is to engage in dialogue with the Taliban. There is no doubt that the Taliban will be a major player in the politics of Afghanistan in the coming months and years. They already control more than 50% of the country and are getting stronger and bolder by the day. They are also engaged in talks with China, Russia, the Central Asian states and others.

My question is that, India has tried to engage in peace talks with Pakistan but it doesn’t seem to work out. Yes, the two nations share their interests over Kashmir and which therefore is the reason why there is always an unrest. And as much as any book on philosophy educates to always initiate a dialogue, I can’t see how in engaging with the Taliban would be of any benefit to India or other nations ?

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