Will there be any positive consequences that are expected from Brexit or is it mainly expected to be bad for the British trade?

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    Welcome to stack exchange as I see this is your first post. I’ll spare you a downvote since it is your first time and I’m exchange give you some advice. One, I would never say this you are asking for homework. Two, you’re question is way broad. Three, I’m sure there are dozens of questions about brexits affec On the UK, so I would search for those. I do hope you continue to use this platform because it’s a very useful place to learn. – spmoose Feb 14 at 4:25
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If the question is "... has affected ..." and not "... will affect ..." you will have to look into the effects of uncertainty.

  • Google about companies in a just-in-time transport loop which are stockpiling more supplies, if they can.
  • Google about decisions being postponed.
  • Google about companies (banks, airlines) opening EU-based headquarters in addition to their UK-based offices.
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