"The Independent Group instantly has a majority of female MPs" Esther Webber,

Other than where the group of MPs is a single person (such as Caroline Lucas), has a party ever had more women MPs than men MPs before?

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    Technically the Independent Group is not a political party. It receives funding from a private company called Gemini owned by Gavin Shuker, doesn't have to disclose it's financial donors or backers and has no leader. – Icarian Feb 21 at 12:39

No, at no point has a party with more than a single MP had a majority of female MPs. (As of this writing, The Independent Group is not a political party.)

Labour has so far been closest, with 45% of its MPs elected at the 2017 election being female (Source).

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    Second place being tied between Plaid Cymru (2017) at 25% and the Independent Liberals (1935) at 25% – Valorum Mar 1 at 15:27

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