Apparently after the "betrayal" of the first Swiss immigration-limiting referendum (of Feb 2014) by their parliament, which passed a substantially watered down law (in 2016), there's now going to be another Swiss immigration referendum, as Reuters reported in November

Anti-immigration members of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), the largest party in parliament, have pushed to end that free movement [of people from the EU] on the grounds that it leaves the country without adequate tools to manage its growing population and encroaches on its sovereignty.

A referendum must be held on the matter as the required number of signatures has been gathered, but it remains unclear how much support such a proposal might garner in a nationwide vote. No date for the vote has been set.

The SVP launched its drive to get a referendum held on the issue after compromise-minded lawmakers in 2016 stopped short of requiring quotas on European immigration that voters had demanded two years earlier.

If the [2nd] referendum motion is passed, it would require Switzerland to unilaterally cancel free movement if the country is unable to negotiate a waiver with the EU within 12 months.

Has there been any polling of Swiss public opinion on the question that would be asked in this 2nd immigration referendum?

N.B. this might the 3rd+ referendum on limiting immigration; a more obscure one from Nov 2014 rejected (by a large margin) an absolute cap of immigration to 0.2% percent of the population. (If one were to count the earlier ones allowing for more immigration, e.g. the 2009 one, the count gets even more difficult.)

  • Is this a referendum that is upcoming? It doesn't appear to be scheduled for May. – Joe C Apr 24 at 7:05
  • 1
    @JoeC: Reuters said (as quoted above) no date has been set for this one. I don't how long the Swiss law allows for a referendum question to be postponed after it met the signature threshold (for it to be held). A Feb 2019 piece from the same source said the same "No date for a vote has been set yet." – Fizz Apr 24 at 7:09

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