Looking at what makes up the UK Exclusive_economic_zone (EEZ) it totals 6,805,586 square km. But of these only 773,676 square km are around UK proper and 426 around Gibraltar. The vast majority are around British Overseas Territories, which are not part of EU territory. E.g. 1,449,532 square km of EEZ are around South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Does the EU Common Fisheries Policy (e.g. fishing quotas) cover all those non-EU British Overseas Territories?

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No. The British Overseas Territories are not part of the EU, and not subject to EU treaties.

The governments of the Falkland Islands (or South Georgia respectively) set their own quotas and fishery policies. The EU is a major customer for Falkland Island Squid. A large proportion of the calamari eaten in Spain comes from the Falklands. But as the Falklands are not part of the Customs Union, there are meetings to negotiate terms

Gibraltar is exceptional in that it is part of the EU, and so is subject to the various treaties, such as the CFP.


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