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On 1 July 2016, the Association Agreement (AA) between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova fully came into force, following ratification by all 31 signatories. [...]

Igor Dodon, who was elected President of Moldova in November 2016, campaigned on holding a referendum on cancelling the agreement in favour of joining the [Russia-led] Eurasian Economic Union.

Has Moldova done anything concrete since then toward this realignment?

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He did sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union (EES) in 2017. I'm not sure if this affects their practical commitments to the EU AA though, but surely was a more concrete political message.

Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip harshly criticized the signing of the memorandum, saying that it is aimed to undermine efforts to forge closer ties with the European Union.

Dodon "is trying to continue his personal war against the Association Agreement," Filip told reporters on April 3, referring to a Moldova-EU treaty that came to force in July 2016. [...]

Filip said last week that memorandum would have "no legal effect" and that the former Soviet republic's government "will not finance any measures undertaken under this document."

I'll accept a more complete answer if he's taken steps to get Moldova out of the EU AA, or he just hopes to nullify it in practice. Since the pro-EU opposition apparently held the majority in parliament, Dodon's play appears to have been limited.

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