The Industry 4.0/X.0 is transforming the economic realities. In the past humans competed with humans and both excelled in their skills. Today human needs to compete with the machine/computer/software/artificial (general, human/super-human level) intelligence (http://people.idsia.ch/~juergen/, https://www.hlai-conf.org/, https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/jagi/jagi-overview.xml, http://bicasociety.org/, etc., etc.) and there is more and more risk that more and more humans will loos. In the past one human should work more for providing social assistance/art grants/science grants for others, today robots and AI software can work instead of humans to provide for other humans. So, the economic landscape and hence the political landscape is changing.

And hence the political realities of classical liberal/libertarian parties (such as ALDE in European Union) must change too. Tax justice, material opportunities for education, skill development, material opportunities for exploration, experiments and innovation - all that requires to introduce some social elements into liberal policies.

And hence - as I have heard - the ALDE party/movement will change in the near future - more social libearl Macron and En Marche with collaboration with social democratic parties and social liberal parties from other European countries will form new party of transform the existing ALDE party. This party, of course, will feature the energy, autonomy, repsonsibilities, creativity, innovativeness, competion-readiness of the classical liberal movement, but this party also will feature more social stance for providing opportunities for those people who will be willing to educate themselves, to develop new skills, to take the new challenges of the developing economies, all those social elements for those who would like to grow but who don't have material options for that. (Effectively - social options for those people who would like to escape from the primitive businesses https://economics.stackexchange.com/questions/29075/emergence-of-notion-primitive-business-in-the-era-of-industry-4-0-and-globaliz)

My question is - where can I find information about the transformation of ALDE Party and European liberal movement, how can I impact them, what academic and intellectual discussions are around such transformation. I.e. any information about transforming ALDE into social-liberal party with social support for those who are willing to grow!

From the ALDE's Wikipedia page:

In May 2019, speaking at a debate leading up to the 2019 European Parliament election, ALDE President Guy Verhofstadt announced that following the election, the group intended to dissolve and form a new, centrist alliance with Emmanuel Macron's "Renaissance" list


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    If you have heard that, you should really give more evidence of your claim that ALDE will transform. Since it is a pan-European party and EP faction, ideally you should quote several of the member parties. – o.m. May 12 '19 at 15:46
  • I have heard this in the online interview that was given by one candidate to the post of European Parliament. Actually - this more a question how Macron En Marche/Renassaince will collaborate with ALDE and how such collaboration will change ALDE/transform into merged movement. I have seen some quote in wiki article but I can not find it now. – TomR May 12 '19 at 15:50
  • @o.m. I have added source at the end of my question – TomR May 12 '19 at 15:55
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    I'm inclined to vote to close because your question mixes several different questions and advocacy. If you want to find your original source again, that would be a two- or three-sentence question. "I remember having read X, I can't find it, can somebody find a reputable source?" Then you can ask a separate question "Y says Z, is there support for that in other ALDE members?" Not this mixture. – o.m. May 12 '19 at 15:57
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    I copy edit a bit, but I think the first part of your question can be reduced too. Please consider which parts are relevant to the question and whether they need to stay or take a back seat (i.e. at the end of your question). The question about the 'new ALDE' is interesting and on-topic I think. – JJJ May 12 '19 at 19:17

On the 11th of May 2019 this press statement was released on eu-renaissance.org following a meeting of politicians from (some) ALDE parties and En Marche!:

Last November in Madrid we declared the wish to work together to form a new group in the European Parliament, we are now once again sharing the stage to affirm this ambition.

ALDE and La Republique En Marche are determined to form a new group together after the European elections which will be open to other like-minded parties to join. This new Group will be a new force in the European Parliament and will break up the current two-party rule of Social and Christian Democrats.

Together we have a clear new ambition for Europe, and we are willing to build a coalition with other reform driven political Groups in the European Parliament which share our ambition. We need a better working Europe, the status quo is simply not good enough.

Today is the next step in working towards this goal, representatives from ALDE and LREM are stating their aim for the upcoming European Elections and their shared ambitions for the European Union after.

Signatory parties :

  • Ciudadanos

  • D66

  • FDP

  • Momentum

  • MR

  • NEOS

  • Open VLD

  • Renaissance

  • VVD


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