What think tanks are associated with Macron's En Marche and pan-European Renaissance? What newspapers (possibly French) are read by the voters/supporters of En Marche and Renaissance?

  • Google it in French: "journaux pro macron". – Denis de Bernardy May 12 at 18:42
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    @DenisdeBernardy "journaux pro macron" mostly turns up conspiracy rhetoric (where it's a convenient label for anyone who isn't for “us”, whoever “us” is). – Gilles Jun 8 at 20:08
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    My bad. I must have had a pre-Aug 2017 date filter on when I wrote that. For me that results in a bunch of links by mainstream media that discuss the press' pro-macron treatment. europe1.fr/emissions/Le-journal-des-medias/… liberation.fr/futurs/2016/07/12/… marianne.net/politique/… 20minutes.fr/politique/… etc. – Denis de Bernardy Jun 9 at 3:20
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    Adding to this, and to the best of my knowledge while keeping in mind that as an expat I'm not paying that much attention, none of the French newspapers are explicitly pro-Macro, but the main contenders for a Pro-Macro label would be centrist outfits like L'Express and Le Monde. Several of the hosts and pundits on the BFM TV station also spring to mind. – Denis de Bernardy Jun 9 at 3:23

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