Wikipedia tells me

Who owns the state? or Whom does the country belong to? (Latvian: Kam pieder valsts?) is a populist, anti-establishment party in Latvia.

Party names that are wordy/long and a question seem unnatural and weird to me. I would guess a short catchphrase is much more marketable.

Why would the name of a political party be in the form of a question? How common is this?

  • Not common; I don't know any other examples. Also it looks like the official name is just KPV.LV, i.e. an abbreviation. kampiedervalsts.com/kontakti – Fizz May 22 at 0:33
  • 1
    It is a rhetorical question. Whether you think using a rhetorical question for a party name is odd is mostly opinion. It's pretty rare – James K May 26 at 7:50

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