Trump lies constantly about economic growth. With respect to at least GDP growth, stock market growth, wage growth, and job number growth, he's claimed "record" performance, and if you look at the actual numbers, he's not even close to record territory on any of these.

Swing voters are who will likely decide the next election. These voters tend to care most about the economy. I feel the easiest way to prevent Trump from getting re-elected is to point out that he's not doing "record GDP" etc. Swing voters are leaning toward him not because they think the economy's doing well; rather they're leaning toward him because they believe he's grown the economy by more than any president in history.

But from what I can tell, NONE of his Democratic opponents, and even less so the Liberal media, ever touches these topics. They stick with "he's a misogynist" or "he cheats at golf" or "he doesn't love democracy". As well, I haven't heard a single Democrat point out "he's lying about having started building the wall", and the fact that people believe him about that has grown his popularity for sure.

Anyone know why no one's talking about this?

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    Are you sure nobody in the media is talking about that? – JJ for Transparency and Monica Jun 1 '19 at 21:43
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    You've presented no data to back up your assertions. If you're going to make these sorts of claims, you should post authoritative data that supports your argument. Your question, as it stands now, is nothing more than an opinionated and baseless anti-Trump rant. – Michael Benjamin Jun 1 '19 at 21:46
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    (I'm downvoting your question, but not voting to close. This website can benefit from more freedom of expression. Just hoping you can post some data to validate your claims.) – Michael Benjamin Jun 1 '19 at 21:50
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    @Michael_B without backing up the assertion the question seems pretty moot. If the premise isn't established, a more reasonable question would be whether or not the premise is even true. Then you'd get something asking whether the media and Democrats are talking (enough) about Trump's claims about the economy. That get's pretty POB and broad. What is enough and who do you consider? – JJ for Transparency and Monica Jun 1 '19 at 22:39

Just from the first two pages of google hits I get:

The only headline I get which isn't outright negative toward Trump among those is CNN: Trump's right: The economy is doing well and he deserves some credit, 2018. Even on CNN, in a later (2019) multi-fact-checking piece, they do criticize Trump's economic claims. Another 2019 "report card" piece on CNN, exclusively dedicated to analyzing the economy, also criticizes Trump for both exaggerating his achievements and for unfulfilled promises.

There's also a rather fence-sitting 2019 NYT piece "Trump Owns the Economy Now, for Better or Worse". It doesn't mention any Trump exaggerations, and points out that "Fifty-six percent of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy, Gallup reports, the highest mark of his term and the best for a president since Barack Obama registered the same rating in March 2009." But it does enumerate potential sources of trouble ahead for the Trump economic promises, while simultaneously pointing out that Trump got what he wanted (eventually) from the Fed, so any future downturn will be hard to pin on the latter, according to this piece. (There was a prior, 2018, NYT article which did address Trump's claims more directly; it was titled "Trump’s Numbers on ‘Amazing’ Economy Sometimes Don’t Add Up.")

So, some of the premises of your question seem wrong, at least as far the media goes. I've not checked what the leading Democrats say... but you claim that the media touches the topic even less than the Democrats.

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