I don't know anything about Hegel or his philosophy. Can someone pls ELI5 the red arrows in the following quote?

Craig, P and De Burca, G. EU Law 6 ed. 2015. p. 769. All emboldenings are mine.

enter image description here

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The quote is a reference to this piece. I haven't studied Hegel, but if I understand it correctly, Hegel regards the State as something with a "spirit" or "will" which emerges from its component individuals but is larger than the sum of its parts (hence the word "God"), and hence which the individuals must be subject to.

(Aside: the link above is to a Marxist site, and Marx was a Hegelian. However this vision of the state as god sounds to me more fascist than anything else)

The point being made in the quoted quotation is that if foreign people (i.e. not members of the particular nation state) are allowed to serve in government posts then this will infect the will of the God-State with outside influences which are not properly part of it. Hence a follower of Hegel would have to say that such foreign influence should not be permitted to be part of the state. However if you don't agree with Hegel's idea of the State as God then you would have to disagree with the view of foreign workers being excluded from state employment.

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