America and Russia recently abandoned the INF treaty, with both sides blaming each other.

Since then I've heard that the US has tested short-range missiles. I read headlines and thought: It's ok, as the treaty is over, although this is a bit fast (a month after treaty end), as average American military research speed goes (for example F-35 project).

So, I continued to read, and discovered something very interesting: America has used the Mark 41 launcher. Which is, as we all know, part of Aegis onshore system based in Poland, Romania, etc.

The question: US missile defence system launchers can be used for launching short-range attack missiles. This violates the INF treaty.

Was Russia right about the US initially breaking INF and invalidating the treaty? (Russian defence ministry has reiterated this point, for example: armyrecognition.com.

The Newsweek article I've read.

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    You'd like to know if, using public available information, we can prove the US was in violation of the Intermediate range Nuclear Forces Treaty? – Jontia Aug 21 at 8:06
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    You formulated it like a boss! – user2501323 Aug 21 at 8:09
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    @user2501323 If you think Jontia's phrasing encapsulates core of your question, consider rewriting your question while using Jontia's phrasing. – M i ech Aug 21 at 9:01
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    @DrunkCynic how is asking whether a specific site violated the treaty pushing an agenda? Merely questioning whether the US might have done something bad isn't pushing an agenda. – JJJ Aug 21 at 17:15
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    being skeptical ( viz: 'don't take US word on trust') is an agenda pushed by current adminstration. Being skeptical is why we ask questions (dig deeper) then there are competing ideas. – BobE Aug 21 at 21:17

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