There is a quite a long list of nuclear power and radioactive incidents that happened after nuclear power has been discovered. One of the most recent was the Nyonoksa radiation accident that happened in Russia when the authorities delayed official confirmation:

Although initially denied, involvement of radioactive materials in the accident was later confirmed by Russian officials

Since radioactive incidents might easily affect the neighboring countries I am wondering if there is any convention related to informing the countries that might be affected by such an incident so that they can act accordingly.

Question: Is there any international convention/treaty/protocol that regulates how a country should behave if a nuclear incident happens on its territory?

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Yes, but not all nations are signatories. Here is a list of incidents reported to IAEA.

As of this writing, recent incidents include

  • workers contaminated in Australia,
  • theft of a radiation source after a vehicle accident in India,
  • problems detected with emergency diesel generators in France,
  • overexposure of a worker in France,
  • overexposure of two workers in Iran.

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