Nowadays even mainstream media in the USA shows doubts about the official version on certain events. eg. Jeffrey Epstein’s death ref here and ref here. Surveys show that most people in the USA believe he was murdered by high ranking elements in the USA (42%) as opposed to the official suicide narrative (29%). ref here

Are there any current politicians concerned about the credibility crisis in the USA?

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  • This is a good question, but I doubt if the fact that US is runned by political-business clans (and is, in fact a plutocraty) is a great rumor. – user2501323 Sep 4 at 7:22
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    Are you asking what politicians think about their credibility or what politicians think about the credibility of government version of events or what politicians think about the credibility of conspiracy theorists or what politicians think about the credibility of ** mainstream media** ? – BobE Sep 4 at 15:11
  • @BobE I'm asking about politicians in the "fake news" era which ponder on the crisis credibility – PbxMan Sep 4 at 19:07
  • I'm still not clear: Are you asking about politicians that are impacted specifically by the Epstein case (as hszmv responded) or is your question more general in nature about a "credibility crisis" and if any politicians are concerned, and if so who? – BobE Sep 4 at 20:04
  • It's unclear what I'm asking because the yanks are bunch of morons unwilling to accept the level of corruption their country has. – PbxMan Sep 5 at 6:24

Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are the two that spring to mind right now, though there's no hard evidence that they are in any way tied to the suicide of Epstein. Both were friends with Epstein prior to his arrest.

The case looks worse for Bill Clinton, who made false statements about how many times he was on Epstein's private plane (alarmingly without his Secret Service Detail), though Clinton being an honest dealer and a family man have long been dead since the 90s. There is no evidence or accustation from a victim that Clinton ever did anything with an under-aged girl.

Donald Trump is argued to have better access to Epstein while in jail but there is no evidence that Trump ever ordered a hit and his on Attorney General was livid (and the investigations showed several spectacular lapses in the facilities procedures which, if it was a Trump conspiracy, would have hidden). In addition, Trump was aware of Epstein's behavior with under-aged girls, but this is only because he personally had Epstein banned from his resorts after Epstein brought one of his victims to the Mara Largo resort some time prior to Trump's presidential campaign.

While both men are known for there love of young women and having problems with marriage fidelity, and both were accused of rape that has not been legally proven, there are no known credible accusations of either committing statutory rape.

Perhaps the politician (if you can call him that) most scandalized by his ties with Epstein is Prince Andrew of England, who at least one person has accused of statutory rape during an encounter Epstein arranged. It's unlikely that Prince Andrew will ever be prosecuted as he has diplomatic immunity (it can be revoked by the UK, but that isn't being openly discussed right now).

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