Wikipedia mentions that

If a bill is mistakenly allowed to progress even though the required [Queen's] consent was not signified and the error is discovered before Royal Assent has been given, the proceedings may later be declared void.

But it does not provide any examples of this (proceedings having later been declared void). Are there such examples? (Note: I'm not merely asking for examples of royal consent being withheld, Wikipedia does provide some of those.)

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    Erskine May, paragraph 9.7 states sources from Hansard, but I've been able to track down further details. The sources are: "CJ [Commons Journal, I think] (1852) 157; ibid (1911) 388; ibid (1948–49) 323." – Steve Melnikoff Sep 5 at 8:25
  • *unable (typo in my earlier comment). – Steve Melnikoff Sep 5 at 9:20

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