In August of 2019, the re-establishment of the US Space Command. While I understand that this a unified force command under the US Strategic Command at the Pentagon, what is the official mandate or mission statement of the Command?


The mandate was contained within the memorandum issued by President Trump to the Secretary of Defense

I assign to United States Space Command: (1) all the general responsibilities of a Unified Combatant Command; (2) the space‑related responsibilities previously assigned to the Commander, United States Strategic Command; and (3) the responsibilities of Joint Force Provider and Joint Force Trainer for Space Operations Forces.

The mission statement on the website states

The USSPACECOM mission is to deter aggression and conflict, defend U.S. and allied freedom of action, deliver space combat power for the Joint/Combined force, and develop joint warfighters to advance U.S. and allied interests in, from, and through the space domain.

The USSPACECOM mission involves four distinct areas of focus:

  1. Deter Aggression/Conflict: USSPACECOM strengthens our national deterrence through the provision of space warfighting options that preserve U.S. and allied competitive advantage, promote security and stability.
  2. Defend U.S./Allied Interests: If deterrence fails, USSPACECOM, in coordination with allied and joint force commanders and inter-agency partners, will lead the protection and defense of our combined interests in the space domain.
  3. Deliver Space Combat Power: USSPACECOM is committed to preserving and expanding space combat power to enable joint and combined force success.
  4. Develop Ready and Lethal Joint Warfighters: USSPACECOM will improve the development of joint space operations forces and capabilities to enhance space warfighting readiness and lethality while accelerating the integration of space capabilities into other warfighting forces.

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